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A quality relationship on LinkedIn starts with a common point. Take the time to look after your relationship request on LinkedIn: your business contacts will then become useful and your network will be more powerful, faster.

Linkedin request Most of the time, you receive requests for relationships on LinkedIn from people you do not know? Do not you understand interest, usefulness, motivation? At that point, what is the impression that this request for relationship leaves you? “We rarely have a second chance to make a good first impression. The first 30 seconds, the first 30 gestures, the first 30 words are decisive for the continuation of the sale. ” This sentence, derived from sales theories, is equally valid for social networks. Your contact needs to be healed so you bet on the quality of your network. A powerful LinkedIn network is a quality network. This is all the more important if you are using LinkedIn in order to:

Find mandates, clients;
Looking for a new job, position, professional opportunity;
Disseminate your personal / professional image.
So you have to carefully select the people who will be part of your network.
1. Look after your future relationships:
Via the search engine by keywords in the “people” In the “groups” of which you are a part Among companies that make sense to you

2. Identify the right people on LinkedIn:
Title profile, company, function, Skills and experience, recommendations Informative links (blog, site, twitter account, etc.), Intervention in the groups.

3. Find a common thread, for example:
A LinkedIn group.

An interesting commented subject.
A company.
A center of interest.
An objective.

4. Prepare your entry:
• What is your objective? (A relationship with a weak link, a strong bond, an interview, a coffee, building a professional relationship, working together, exchanging, helping each other, etc.)
• Networking is based on listening to each other. What is his need?
• Concretely what can you bring to this new relationship?
• What is your approach? Can it go through a common point / interest?
5. Write your LinkedIn relationship request: this is when your first good impression comes in:
• Make in rather less (than too much).
• Use AIDA to help you.
• Stay simple and understandable.
• Ask a question (useful) to promote the exchange (take advantage to show your expertise, professionalism).
• Show your enthusiasm for link building.
• And above all: SAY: what you want, what you expect, what you can bring and what are your interests to be in relationship with each other.

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