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January 3, 2018
February 10, 2018
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Twitter Checklist; little tips that will help you to tweet better

Here is a simple way of generating traffic on twitter:

–              Introduce yourself to the world that you’re on Twitter

–              Always send informational tweets. (9 informational ratio 1 promotional)

–              Re-tweet any good tweets you come across in your niche

–              Give quick reply to the tweets addressed to you, this will build your relationships faster

–              Pay full attention to the kind of tweets you’re sending out (be personal and occasionally talk about everyday stuff)

–              Pay attention to what people are tweeting about – how can you be of help?

–              Always use catchy images that depict what you are tweeting about

–              Offer freebies

–              Build relationships

–              Send out tweets regularly everyday but do not overdo it.

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