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September 29, 2021
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80% of your #marketing is wasted due to this common mistake.

You ’re glancing through your timeline now when you suddenly stop and read this post. What made you stop? I can bet that it’s because of the HEADLINE
It is a proven fact that 5 times more people read the headline compared to those that read the body of an ad/post. First and foremost, your ad/post must have a headline and it must grab your readers’ attention immediately.
The headline is the first thing that your readers see when they open your posts. In the first 3 seconds, your readers decide whether or not to read any further. If you don’t grab them by the throat and hold them right away, you never will.
So, with an attention-grabbing headline, a marketer is likely to have about 80% more conversion and save advertising cost. The more people click on your ad, the lesser your Cost Per Click (CPC) becomes. This will make the Facebook ad algorithm to show your ad to more people.
Yet, most marketing is wasted for lack of an effective headline or no headline at all.
Stop making this same mistake all over again..
Start by writing some headlines that clearly communicate your promise, benefits or Unique Selling Point (USP). Then look for ways to make them even more powerful by adding a power word or two.
Writing powerful headlines can really be brain tasking but it can be done if you follow these simple guidelines:
1. Your headline should give your readers a reason to stop and read now instead of later – It must show clarity, a carefully chosen word or two can create urgency
2. Your headline should communicate something the reader considers valuable – they need to be able to justify the time spent reader your ad
3. Your headline should scream how you might offer something that is unique or at least interesting
4. Your headline should point out to something very specific for the readers – use facts and how to’s
Using these points as a guide to create your headlines allows you to create headlines that grab your readers’ attention immediately, offers them a benefit they desire, and gives them a reason to read on.
Never use boring, conventional or overused statements!
You can check for samples of powerful headlines that sell in this site
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