We will conveniently help you to write and edit your business plans and proposals with full financial analysis to suit your taste with ease, speed and accuracy. Our team of writers offer full professional writing services in all industry sectors ranging from Agriculture & agribusiness, IT & telecommunications, Fashion, Bakery, Catering, Waste management & recycling, Sport, Media & entertainment, e.t.c.

The business proposals will be used to communicate your company’s mission effectively to other companies for partnership purposes and obtain their business. The business plans will give you a winning strategy that will give you an edge over your competitors.

What is a business plan and why is it important?

A business plan is a roadmap for your business.

  • It is a written document that describes your business, explains where you are going and how you will get there.
  • It explains the problem you are trying to solve and the product or service you are offering.
  • It explains who are you are targeting, why your business and offering is unique, your strategy and your financial forecasts.
  • It may also include background about your company structure and the people in your organisation.


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Our team of professional analysts have made ready a comprehensive and investor-ready editable Business Plan template in the ICT sector. It can also be used to procure fund for other business sectors by editing the business plan to suit your business. This was written based on our 5 years of entrepreneurship experience and research so far.

In the past, our Clients have won several business proposals, loans and grants with this business plan. It can be modified to suit your taste.  The template is professionally developed with industry insights and analysis.

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Get a comprehensive and an investor-ready business plan with 3 years full financial projections developed for you. We will conduct a feasibility study on your business based on information supplied by you and help you write a comprehensive business plan. The business plan can be used to procure bank loans, grants or bring in investors.

This Comprehensive business plan will include:

Executive summary

1.0 Statement of Purpose

2.0 Company History

3.0 Products and Services description

4.0 Market Analysis

5.0 Management/Employees’ profile

6.0 Operational plan

7.0 Financial Plan

8.0 Business Risk and Mitigation, SWOT analysis

Business model canvass


Table 1: Details of salary schedule

Table 2: Equipment depreciation table

Table 3: Proposed price list

Table 4: Initial/Expanding stock

Table 5: Pre-operating activities and expenses

Table 6: Loan repayment plan

Table 7: Quarterly operating expenses

Table 8: Tri-Monthly Cost Forecast (36 Months)

Table 9: Tri-Monthly Sales Forecast (36 Months)

Table 10: Tri-Monthly Profit And Loss Projection (36 months)

Table 11: Tri-Monthly Cash flow Plan (36 Months)

Table 12: Financial summary

Below are samples of the financial projections:



cashflow sample


profit and loss projection sample


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Everything in silver plan + business branding (which include a responsive business website, social media integration, logo and letter head).

An online presence is an integral part of any successful business. It’s important to give it the attention it deserves. Let our creative team build and maintain your website for you through our all-inclusive Managed Website Service. We’ll register, design, host and maintain your website for you so that you may continue to focus on running your business.

Responsive layout with mobile & other platforms in mind; your website will always look great no matter which device it’s being viewed on.

You stand to gain the following designing your site with us:

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  • Gallery
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The business proposals will be used to communicate your company’s mission effectively to other companies for partnership purposes and obtain their business.


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