Here is a true story of How Debby became a mother after 5 years of trying!

Debby had gotten married to her husband in 2011, the wedding was one in town and people still talked about it even after a year had passed.

They settled fine and travelled to Nairobi for their honeymoon. Her husband Michael is a business tycoon... a very loving man, who supported her in every way. Her dreams, aspirations and even in the home front.

Before they got married, they had talked about how they'll give birth to a set of twins their first year, how they were going to spend their summer holidays with their lovely girls in the United States.

A year down the line, nothing happened... no sign of pregnancy not to talk of giving birth to twins. They tried everything medically possible but still nothing happened even after being certified fit.

Her mother in law was already stylishly on her neck to produce a grandchild. She was troubled, she prayed, fasted, attended church services but still nothing.

Then as God will have it, a solution finally came. Her University friend Sola, had just come in Abuja and introduced a combo she used after one year of infertility.

As a matter of fact, Bose got pregnant and had a set of twins after using the combo for just 6 weeks!

Debby had been on this for 5 years, she had lost all hopes but grudgingly decided to try Bose's formula. And as they say, the rest is history!

No, she didn't give birth to a set of twins but Debby now has a baby girl (Ann) who was born in 2017.

You may be asking yourself how Debby did it...


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