You still trying to conceive but it’s not forth coming?

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Dear Friend,

Have you tried everything you think is humanly possible just to get pregnant and still not being able to conceive?

Are you already infuriated for not being able to conceive despite all your effort?

Do you FEEL time is just ticking pass you, as you try months after months in search of an EFFECTIVE solution to your infertility woes YET NO SINGLE success?


Did you notice some sudden new symptoms and happily wonder if your cries are finally about to be wiped…

And then- you suddenly start feeling cramps.

And then, while still thinking it was just a slight one that comes after pregnancy, you see your period again, once more and your heart is once again left shattered…

No pregnancy…No baby!

Or probably people have longed been teasing you…asking you… the funny question…”When are we coming to eat Rice?”

Or if you are from this part of our country Nigeria where family members more especially mother in-laws won’t stop asking you when you are going to give them a grandchild…in fact, it has turned to a daily song…

Or maybe you’ve seen your friends, colleagues whom even came to your wedding as singles, getting pregnant… and announcing it through social media with the pictures of their pregnancies.

..Worst is it makes you angry…frustrated and unhappy…


“Have You Spent Thousands Of Naira (if not millions) trying to get hold of your own child Yet no SINGLE success?”

Clearly put--- You have tried literally everything under this earth, gone through series of Unsuccessful treatment, still repeated failed of IVF and taken multiple fertility drugs (both herbal and foreign)- spending tons of money in the process – All in an attempt to finally get rid of this inability to conceive and have your own baby.

“I know what the pain feels like!”

I can only imagine when you thought things were getting better and decided to go through the whole IVF process one last time…

Only to receive a call from the clinic telling you that your pregnancy test came out THE SAME…


As in…No chance of having a baby!

And then you start asking yourself…

Would I ever be able to conceive, carry it up to 9 months and then give birth to a bouncing baby boy/girl and finally become a mother?

The answer is YES!

You heard me right!

My Name is Debby Kabila

I have been there before… I know how the whole feeling is like…that is why I just want to help as many women as possible who are in the same situation I was 4 years ago.

It all started after my degree Exam. In a small organization I was managing while still waiting for my NYSC call up letter.

That was where I met Michael, at a small hospital I was managing while still waiting for my NYSC call up letter. He was a lab scientist and I was a graduate nurse.


We got married 3 years later.  We lived the best life as a couple…had good times YET there was nothing to show for it!

No baby...No single sign of pregnancy….No Pregnancy….nothing nothing!

For good 3 years I tried conceiving. Tried over and over again but all effort proved futile.

Suddenly I started seeing some signs!
At first, I experienced stages of painful period, accompanied by streak of irregular period.

The whole feelings gave me a lot of concern so I went ahead to see a specialist.

I was given a thorough advised ranging from stress reduction techniques, eat well menu and exercise regimen.

All I followed religiously…

Yet, no ISSUE

“Could It Get Any Worse?”

I pondered...

I became more frustrated when the news of me having developed an ovarian cyst 8 centimetres wide was broken out to me by my specialist after going through some couple of tests.


I felt like giving up the ghost!

Definitely, I felt all hope was lost.

Wasn’t it?

If there was anything I was scared of, it was going for surgery. I couldn’t even imagine it!

Then my solution came!

A colleague of mine who just finished her masters from the United states told me about a very Effective “Super-Fast Action” solution that was so powerful NAFDAC gave it an instant Approval.

At first, I have already believe nothing could ever work for me after trying series of product available and saw NO SINGLE POSITIVE RESULT

Not EVEN when the doctors have said I can’t have one again…

How can I really have one?

When I had lot of complicated fertility issues.

I was at the verge of accepting my new found faith of never giving birth to my own kid, but NO!

I had this feeling inside of me that I should NEVER give up!

The clock kept ticking, never lagging in zeal as though it would get a medal for running 24hours non-stop.

Maybe it is fated for me not to have a baby...

I had this feeling that I was seconds away from giving up, but ‘’something’’ within me told me this might just be my final TRY!


That was the end of my struggle!


As a woman, we go through lot of challenges. But you will agree with me that not being able to conceive when you ought to and finally have a kid of your own is the most challenging of them all.

Most times, you are subjected to a lot of drama which can eventually lead to emotional trauma as the least of the outcomes.

There’s always that void in the home that cannot be filled by anybody or anything except children.

I’m very sure by now; you have an overload of questions spinning through your mind about this…

Calm down…

Let’s take it slowly…





Here are the benefits you’ll get in this pack

  • Pure Aloe Vera (Barbadendis Miller specie) is one of Nature's finest antioxidant, clears the toxins around the reproductive regions thereby creating a serene atmosphere for conception. Also containing lots of minerals, vitamins & amino acids that the body might be deficient of which might be the leading cause of the inability to conceive. Mixed with Cranberry & Apple Juice, its focuses more on the Reproductive tracts, manages sexual dysfunction in both men & women, extremely potent for cases of infertility and also for menstrual disorders.
    1. Royal Jelly is a super food peculiar to the bee hive, it’s an Exclusive food reserved only for the Queen Bee giving her extremely high Reproductive abilities, strengths, vitality, beauty & prolonged lifespan. Research has proven that it’s made the Queen Bee Super Fertile ensuring she's lays up to 3000 eggs daily for 6 years. (Worker bees live only for 4-6 weeks). A must have for every Woman.
    1. There's also a Proprietary blend of very unique vegetables Wheat grass, barley, alfalfa, Cayenne pepper + Honey. This combination provides the essential dose of veggies needed by a woman trying to conceive.
    1. Vital Minerals such as potassium, calcium, chromium, magnesium, iron, sodium, copper, phosphorus, Zinc & manganese are all contained in it, Amino acids, vitamins A, B6, E & K also contained thereof.
    1. And last but not the least the Super Omega 3(fish oil) & Omega 9(vegetable oil). Calamari oil which is a superior source of Omega is contained in it. This helps extremely in boosting fertility amongst men & women.
  • So in the FERTILITY SUPER BOOST PACK, you've got the world's finest blend of ingredients put together to help you conceive & eventually make you a proud Mom, also ensuring that you give birth to a Unique, Healthy & very Intelligent Child (Omega 3 helps with the quality development of the foetus).

  1. The fertility boost pack is the 100% EFFECTIVE herbal solution to your TTC woes that actually work.

    It is very effective based on the fact that each and every capsule in a bottle pack is carefully made with 100% pure natural ingredients.

Over the years, these REVOLUTIONARY supplements have been used successfully by thousands of women with the following situations:

Ovarian Cyst

  • check-circle-o
    Absence of Ovulation
  • check-circle-o
    Women with seized or irregular menstrual cycle
  • check-circle-o
    Women trying to conceive for an extended period of time
  • check-circle-o
    Women experiencing vaginal Dryness and Low Libido

Women even with cases that have defied medical attention have used this combo and recorded a positive result to pregnancy test.

They became FRUITFUL!

Here is what this herbal capsule looks like…

This remains the crowned No.1 leading solution for women looking for the fruit of the womb…

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Still doubting if this will work for you?

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I do not make promises, but take this from me!